Around The Education World This Week – Issue #4

New rules for EU students in UK starting Jan. 1, 2021

As the Brexit transition period inches closer to its end on Dec. 31, 2020, EU students planning to study in Britain during the next academic year will have a new set of rules applying to them. To start with, EU students who will start courses after Aug. 1, 2021, will have to pay higher international tuition fees.

New UK points system will affect international students

The UK will have a new points system for immigration for all foreigners, including Europeans, from 2021. For students intending to study in the UK, it is essential to familiarise themselves with the new system as it will affect their status as well. They will have to get a minimum of 70 points to qualify for a student visa and can apply from outside the UK six months prior to the course.

University of York plans a new Europe Campus

The University of York is all set to establish a new campus in Europe in collaboration with and CITY College. The new Europe Campus will be set up in Thessaloniki, Greece, after the university signs a strategic alliance with CITY College. The step will lead to more than 700 students getting admissions in autumn 2021.

Monash University becomes first overseas university to have a physical campus in Indonesia

Monash University’s campus in Indonesia is now an official legal entity in the country. The Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture has licensed it to operate here, which is a significant milestone in setting up the first-ever international, foreign-owned university in Indonesia. 

A wave of Black students winning presidencies at top-tier U.S. universities

Top-tier U.S. universities which were predominantly white have witnessed a recent wave of Black students winning presidencies. The uptick comes at a time when the country is seeing racial and political interlocking of Covid-19, political polarization on and off campuses and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

International student enrolment in U.S. colleges sees a 43% drop this fall, study finds

According to a recent survey by the Institute of International Education, new international student enrolment at U.S. colleges has seen a significant drop by 43% this fall. The gloomy statistics are attributed to the pandemic that has stranded thousands of study abroad aspirants back home and forced them to defer their admission plans.

COVID-19 vaccine for international students in the UK

As the UK officially becomes the first country to authorise a COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccine will be given to the public soon. Fortunately, the international students in the UK will also be able to access them like other healthcare services, as confirmed by the Department of Health and Social Care.

Turkey among top 10 countries to have the most international students

According to UNESCO data, Turkey has emerged as one of the top countries that have accommodated the maximum number of foreign students in 2018. With the number being 125,138 students in the year, the country bagged the tenth spot in the list. The U.S. is on the top, with the U.K. and Australia being on number two and three spots.

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