Why should I choose Australia for my Study Abroad? 

There are several reasons to choose Australia as your study abroad destination.  

  • It’s an English-speaking country 
  • Degrees offered in Australia are internationally recognized 
  • Australian universities are renowned for their cutting-edge research and training methodologies 
  • 7 of the Australian universities consistently rank among the top 100 universities as per QS ranking. 

What is the cost of studying in Australia? 

On average the tuition fee would cost AUD 41000. The tuition fees vary based on the university and the chosen course. 

Do we need to get medical health insurance in Australia? 

Yes. Overseas Student Health Insurance cover (OSHC) is a unique plan for international students to cover their cost of medical care while studying in Australia. There are various plans and the cost of the same differs based on the plan chosen.  However, please note, the minimum OSHC costs approximately AUD 478 for a year.  

Which are the finest places to study in Australia? 

Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast. 

Is IELTS required to study in Australia? 

Yes. IELTS or any other English proficiency score is required to study in Australia. 

What are the different English proficiency tests accepted in Australia? 

IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET, Cambridge. 

What is the band requirement to study in Australia? 

English Test Band Requirement 
IELTS Overall, 6.5; No less than 6.0 in each of the 4 components 
IELTS IBT (Internet-based test) 12 for listening, 13 for reading, 21 for writing, and 18 for speaking 
PTE (Pearson Test) 50 in each of the 4 components 
OET (Occupational English Test) B In each of the 4 components 
Cambridge C1 Advanced Test 169 in each of the 4 components 

How much money should I show as Proof of Funds to study in Australia? 

An amount of approximately AUD 20000 is required to show as proof of funds for your tuition, travel and living expenses. 

How easy it is to get an Australian visa? 

Comparatively, it is much easier.  You can apply for a student visa to Australia once you have enrolled in a full-time programme. 

Can I study in Australia with a Scholarship? 

Yes, there are wide varieties of scholarships available for international students to study in Australia.  You will need to choose one that suits your profile and your course. 

What is the cost of for studying a bachelor’s in Australia? 

The costs for the bachelor’s programme vary between AUD 26000 to AUD 57000. 

What is the cost of studying for a graduate programme in Australia? 

The costs for a graduate programme vary between AUD 20000 to AUD 46000. 

What is the cost of studying for a doctoral programme in Australia? 

The costs for a doctoral programme vary between AUD 26000 to AUD 57000. 

Can I change the institution or course in Australia? 

Yes. But there are strict conditions and steps set by the Department of immigration in Australia, which you will need to adhere to. 

What is the higher education system in Australia? 

The Australian education system has Bachelor, graduate and doctoral programmes 

Course Duration 
Bachelor’s programme 3 years; and 4 years in case of an Honours degree 
Graduate Programme 1-2 years; Usually the master’s degree is a 2-year programme. However, a student with an Honours degree can complete it in a year. 
Doctoral Programme 3 years Full-time or 6 years Part-time 

Is the 10+2+3 system recognized in Australia? 

Yes. It is well recognized in Australia for its Master’s programme. 

Can I settle in Australia after my studies? 

After completing your education, you can apply for a post-study work visa and then subsequently you can apply for the General skilled migration to get the PR. 

What are the different accommodation options available for international students in Australia? 

There are several accommodation options available in Australia for International students.   

On-campus housing – The universities in Australia provide sparingly or no on-campus accommodations. They are very limited and only in chosen universities. Hence, it is advised that the students contact their respective universities before they arrive in Australia. 

The other accommodation options available are:

  1. Homestay – Students can live with an Australian family. It costs somewhere between AUD 110 – AUD 270 per week, where meals are usually included. 
  1. Hostels or guest house accommodations – Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared and students usually cook for themselves. It costs around AUD 80 to AUD 135 per week. 
  1. Rental property – Sharing rental with a few other housemates. It costs around AUD 100 to AUD 400 per week and shared rental accommodation costs around AUD 70 to AUD 250. 

What are the different types of students visa applicable to international students in Australia? 

The types of Student visas for international students are 

  1. Subclass 500 – for all the courses registered under CRICOS (Courses registered for international students) 
  1. Subclass 590 – for Guardian, if the student is less than 18 years of age. 
  1. Subclass 485 – International students who are recently graduated are allowed to live, study and work. 

Can I work in Australia while studying? 

All students with the visa subclass 500 are allowed to work 40 hours a fortnight and full-time during doctoral studies.  

What is GTE In Australia? 

GTE is a Genuine Temporary Entrant. All the applicants for the student visa demonstrate that they are temporarily coming to Australia to gain an education. The student needs to apply for GTE and mention the reasons for the same as an essay in their application. The application for the same would be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

What are the different intakes in Australian Universities? 

There are two Intakes in Australian Universities – February and July. 

Is credit transfer possible in Australian Universities? 

Yes. The students need to submit their course syllabus to the university and it would take approximately 6 months for the credit transfer. 

What is DASP or super in Australia? 

Super or DASP is Departing Australian Superannuation payment. You are likely to have funds in the DASP if you had worked in Australia while on a student visa or post-graduate visa. You can get those funds while departing from Australia if you prove that you are over 18 years of age and you were paid AUD 450 per month (Before tax). 

Are there a large number of international students studying in Australia? 

As for Jan-Jul 2022 period, the number of international students studying in Australia totalled 527259. 

What is Go8 in Australia? 

Like the Ivy League in the US and the Russel group in the UK. Group of Eight (Go8) is a group of Australia’s top-ranking universities that focuses on research. Almost 70% of Australia’s research is conducted in these 8 universities. Every Australian Nobel prize winner has been associated with one of these 8 universities. The universities are 

  1. The University of Melbourne, Victoria 
  1. Australian National University, Australian Capital Territory 
  1. The University of Sydney, New South Wales 
  1. The University of Queensland, Queensland 
  1. The University of Western Australia, Western Australia 
  1. The University of Adelaide, Southern Australia 
  1. Monash University, Victoria 
  1. The University of New South Wales, New South Wales. 

What is TAFE in Australia? 

TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education. It is an educational initiative by the Australian government to bridge the gap between school education and work experience. There are different TAFE locations spread across Australia that offer skill-based courses.  

What is the difference between TAFE and a university? 

The primary difference is that TAFE offers training for the trade courses such as electricians, or hairdressers, while the university offers degrees and higher education for professional career choices. 

What are the benefits of doing a course in TAFE 

  1. Most effective and affordable pathway to gain a qualification and enter the workforce 
  1. 100s of courses available to choose from 
  1. Gain skills that are in demand and closely aligned with the industry 
  1. Learn current technology and equipment used in the industry 
  1. Hands-on learning and practical training. 

Are TAFE courses recognized Internationally? 

Yes. They are government-run courses and hence are recognized internationally. 

What is AQF? 

The Australian Qualification Framework was designed by the Australian government to ensure qualification titles are consistent across the country and to represent the same high standards of education. The entire education system is divided into 10 levels. AQF classification helps international students to understand what level of education each Australian qualification represents 

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