The World Weekly Newsletter of Lurnable aspires to empower the reader regarding the latest happenings and updates in the education field from across the world. In the current world is important to have comprehensive knowledge of the given field and its current affairs, especially if you are a student aspiring to study abroad.



  • A recent study proves that over 43% of students did not have access to any form of Online Education during the period of the pandemic which also resulted in an increase in the number of dropouts.
  • India is expected to upgrade their education accessibility and efficiency through 5G and Metaverse dimensions.
  • The president of India launched various education-related projects and guides in Bhubaneswar in Odia Language.


  • The student newsletter of Case Western Reserve University voted on the bill “Students for Justice in Palestine” which calls for boycotting and disinvestment of various organisations.
  • Be’er Sheva, a south Israeli city to offer scholarships of up to 10,000 shekels to students who volunteer with the armed civilian militia.


  • South Korea is recognised as the current trending destination among International Students due to its pop culture popularity. The country is known to have a 98% of literacy rate and is reported to have over 1,300 International students from India pursuing their higher studies.
  • The South Korean Ambassador, Chang Jae-bok express the aim to draw a partnership with the University of Kashmir for collaborative research, students exchange programmes and scholarship during his recent visit to Kashmir.


  • The Embassy of India in Beijing declared that any Indian Student studying medical courses in China who fails to obtain a license to practice in China will be considered ineligible to appear for FMGE.


  • Russian Academicians visit the University of Karachi to establish a partnership and offer 350 government-issued scholarships to Pakistani students who are interested in studying in Russia.
  • Russia introduces a new mandatory course to be taught in universities called “Fundamentals of Russian statehood” which focuses on the country’s national goals, historical experience and sociological enquiry.
  • A surge in demand for studying in East-Asian and South-East Asian Universities has been noted among Russian students.


  • Universities in Australia have requested the government to offer internships and work offers to 100,000 international students. 
  • A recent study indicated that school students in New Zealand are more likely to skip classes compared to students in other countries as the percentage of regular learners dropped from 70% to 58%. 



  • Approximately 70,000 University and college staff are to go on a strike in the UK for pay, pensions and working conditions. 


  • Iranian Students went on a strike despite restrictions as a part of the demonstration regarding Mahsa Amini.
  • The embassy of France in collaboration with the Lahore University of Management organised a France Education Fair in order to unlock the possibility of higher education opportunities for LUMS students in France.



  • The strike initiated by an education workers union in Ontario has been reported to have come to an end. 
  • The Canadian government recognised International Students to be ideal immigrants as they add to the country’s lack of skilled labour.


  • A  recent poll revealed that about 77% of parents believe that their children should receive character development-based education along with mainstream studies in the initial phase of education 
  • The Biden Administration has been reported to have officially stopped taking applications for federal loan forgiveness for students. Out of 26 million applications, 16 million application has been approved.

This concludes our Weekly World Newsletter updates. We hope to bring more updates and information next week.

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