The UK and India are coming together with a 10-year-roadmap to expand bilateral ties. As a part of the initiative, the countries have signed an agreement to facilitate the recognition of each other’s higher education qualifications. The pact will benefit young people in both countries. India and the UK are already popular study-abroad destinations for each other’s students. Official data shows that the UK received 84,555 Indian students in 2020-21.

According to the UK’s Department for International Trade, the higher education Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will enable Indian students graduating from British universities to apply for postgraduate education or explore government careers requiring university qualifications when they return to their home country.

The MoU, which is a part of the Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) between the UK and India, covers the A-levels and their equivalent qualifications, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the UK universities. These degrees will be recognised in India. Further, the two sides signed MoUs to create a task force for providing opportunities to Indian nurses and nursing associates looking to train and work in the UK’s NHS.

Besides making UK universities appealing to Indian applicants, the agreement aims to boost these institutions financially. The industry unlocks a benefit of 109,000 pounds per person for non-EU students travelling to the UK to study abroad. Additionally, UK nationals will have good reasons to travel to India for studies. The agreement opens more choices to expand their academic horizons. Institutions can create courses and deliver them in both countries.

The agreement aims to consolidate the UK-India partnership and remove barriers to welcome the best and brightest Indian students to study in the UK and enrich the campuses and communities in the country. The agreement is regarded as a landmark in international education as qualifications will be recognised on both sides. Students will have better chances to progress in academics and move into jobs.

The recognition of a UK Masters’ degree is a key development as Indian scholars from the top universities in the UK will get the benefits of their achievements in India. Moreover, they will also get access to public sector jobs in their home country.

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