The UK government has taken an exemplary initiative to commemorate the 75th year of Indian Independence with fully-funded scholarships for Indian students. Additionally, this is the highest number of fully-funded scholarships the UK has ever given for the one-year master’s programme. Students eligible for these scholarships can study any discipline at a recognised British university. The programmes include Chevening scholarships for one-year master’s programmes.

Big names like Tata Sons, Pearson India, Hindustan Unilever, HSBC, and Duolingo have extended their support to the initiative. HSBC India has offered 15 scholarships, while Pearson India will sponsor two. Tata Sons, Hindustan Unilever, and Duolingo will back one scholarship each. Also, the British Council in India has announced 18 scholarships for women in STEM with 12,000+ courses in 150+ universities across the UK. It also has six English scholarships on offer.

Students will get coverage for tuition, travel expenses, and living costs for a one-year postgraduate programme with these fully-funded scholarships. Candidates require a minimum of two years of work experience to qualify for the scholarships. The announcement came at the India Global Forum in London, which had British and Indian government representatives and business leaders in attendance. According to British high commissioner Alex Ellis, these scholarships are a remarkable milestone to help Indian students get the best education in the UK..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the “India/UK Together” programme during his recent visit to India. The programme promotes cultural ties between the countries, and the scholarship initiative came as an effort to take things to the next level. Education is one of the cornerstones of the bridge between the people of India and the UK.

As many as 108,000 student visas were issued to international students from India in the year ending March 2022, doubling the numbers from the previous year. Also, India’s Chevening programme has more than 3,500 alumni, making it the largest in the world.

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