In the recent Autumn Statement, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt mentioned regarding the UK Tech industry that he wishes to turn Britain into the world’s next Silicon Valley. As a part of this initiative, the Treasury ensured that they plan to increase the availability of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) to the public. SEIS’s objective is to encourage early-stage start-ups by promoting investments and providing them with tax breaks. This action might support the innovative ideas of companies with high growth potential that might eventually benefit the economy as well.

In order for the government to recognize such high-potential ideas it is important for them to be provided with a firm platform, to begin with. This can be ensured by inculcating a desire to convert such potent ideas into reality at a young age, especially when it is fresh. It is important to choose a university or college that might be able to support such inventive and innovative minds, especially if you are a student who is looking for Entrepreneurial access during their study.

In this article, we provide here below the list of universities in the UK and the graduate start-ups at the university during the academic period 2014 – 2021, as declared by the Higher Education statistics agency in the UK. If you are a student, looking for Entrepreneurial access during your study, the below data might be of interest to you.

The Graduate start-ups data provided below include all new businesses started by recent graduates of the past two years regardless of where any IP resides, but only where there has been formal business/enterprise support from the HE (Higher Education) provider.


No.UniversityGraduate Start-Ups
1Kingston University298
2Royal College of Art200
3Falmouth University168
4London School of Economics and Political Science152
5The University of Lincoln150
6University of the Arts, London143
7De Montfort University140
8The University of East London139
9The University of Westminister137
10The Manchester Metropolitan University122
11Solent University120
12University of Plymouth105
13The University of Edinburgh102
14Norwich University of the Arts88
15Birmingham City University83
16University of South Wales81
17University of Bedfordshire72
18University of Derby71
19University of Hertfordshire71
20The University of Birmingham69
21Cardiff Metropolitan University67
22University College London66
23The Nottingham Trent University64
24Sheffield Hallam University61
25Swansea University61

Hope you found these data to be helpful in your decision-making with regard to your university choice with regard to entrepreneurial interest. If an idea is powerful enough it will find its way into the world but it is often also important that these ideas receive support from the world in order to grow.

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