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Being a university fresher can be the most daunting part of your educational journey. You can expect to feel a mix of emotions that take you on a ride between excitement and apprehension. The challenge gets bigger for international students who are away from home and miss their families. But it is a small price for the opportunity to fulfil your dream of studying abroad at a university of your choice. The good thing is that you can do your bit to make the most of it. You can even make the experience an unforgettable one. Here are some tips to make a smooth beginning as a university fresher.


Homesickness is natural when you leave your city or country and join a university miles away from home. It is a big step, so you must deal with the feeling to breeze through. Expect the first few days or months to be the most challenging. You can get through by staying in touch with loved ones back home. At the same time, make efforts to forge new friendships with your classmates, housemates, and neighbours. Things will get easy sooner than you imagine.


Besides finding new friends on campus, you can connect with like-minded people who share a special skill or interest with you. Even better, take an initiative and form your own club. For example, if you are an international student, you can create a small support group of international students to help each other. It will be a learning experience, and you can even make friends for life. Not to mention, the feeling of supporting others is therapeutic!


Once you are in the university, you are on your own. Budgeting wisely will keep your finances afloat. It makes sense to track your bank balance, manage expenses, and go the extra mile with savings. Being careful about your finances will enable you to pay off your student loan in the long run. Prioritise spending on the essentials like tuition, course materials, housing, and food, and avoid everything else.


Besides managing your money, you can make conscious efforts to save it. The best way to do it is by asking for student discounts. The good thing is that you may find endless opportunities, from the local grocery store to fast food joints and Apple stores. Do not hesitate to ask as you may save a lot of money with discounts every month.


Being a fresher, it is easy to get overenthusiastic about the newly-found independence and social life. But remember that your lectures should not bear the brunt of parties, trips, and sleepless nights. Be regular with them right after the fresher’s week. Do not miss classes, and pay attention when you are there. Make notes and ask questions. After all, that’s what you are here for!


Consider the first year as the time of finding your flow. This is the time to learn more about yourself and build a foundation for university life. Think ahead and decide the direction you want to take after completing your degree. You can visit the Careers Office, get involved in projects to strengthen your career, and network in the university. Check your accommodation options and look for a part-time job for the cash and the experience.

The first year is perhaps the most exciting one for university students. You may find it scary in the beginning, but it becomes the best one after finding your footing. Follow these tips to survive and sail through it!

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