The New Year is here, and it brings new hopes and challenges for young students amid the ongoing pandemic. It is time to refresh your resolutions to fulfill the hopes and match the challenges to give your best. They can keep you going even during the crisis as they show the way ahead and provide motivation and strength. While you may break some and keep some of these resolutions, they can set you on the right track. Here are the ones that make sense for students in 2022.


This year, mental wellness should be your top priority. With the pandemic coming back with different variants and repeat waves, you need to focus as much on mental resilience as immunity. Small lifestyle changes can take you a long way. Integrate short meditation sessions into your day. Indulge in creative activities like painting, cooking, and journaling. Stay connected with your loved ones back home and peers on campus. These simple measures can enhance your mental well-being significantly.


Besides going the extra mile with mental wellness, make sure you eat a balanced diet. Messing your diet can impact your metabolism, cause weight gain, and even affect your academic performance in the long run. Make sure you have the right mix on your plate, whether you are in your student accommodation abroad or studying online from home. Learning to cook is a great idea. Follow a meal plan, never miss out on meals, and pick healthy. In fact, you can make healthy options more accessible so that you do not feel like ordering a pizza or munching on a bag of chips.


Creating a routine should also be on top of your New Year resolution checklist. It can be a major challenge after staying at home for two long years. The hybrid model can make routines even harder to create and stick with. Moreover, uncertainties around lockdowns and pandemic stress can make things daunting. Commit to creating a personal structure that keeps you grounded. Fix the time for studies, meals, and sleep to stay ahead of productivity and health.


College grades matter, but learning is the real essence of education. You may get top grades today, but your college degree will be obsolete sooner or later. However, learning never goes out of vogue. It gives you the cutting edge that keeps you relevant in the ever-evolving professional landscape. Moreover, you can use the concepts to learn new things as you navigate higher education and career goals in the long run.


Another resolution that can make life a lot easier for students this New Year is to seek help and support. Be kind to yourself because it is perfectly normal to struggle in the face of challenges. You can expect to come across a new one every day in college, and there are even more of them in pandemic times. Do not even try to face them alone. Seek help from family, friends, and classmates instead. Connect with teachers and mentors for academic support. Personal success is a collaborative effort, so lean on others to move ahead.


Do not just resolve to ask for help when you need it, but also commit to helping others when they require support. Be there for a classmate who needs help or volunteer for a cause- no act is too small when it comes to helping others. Use your free time and spare energy to make a difference in someone’s life. You will feel better by doing your bit to help others deal with their struggles.

Embrace these simple New Year resolutions to make life easy for yourself and others too. Most importantly, have faith and stay strong until good times are back again.  

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