Australia’s Deakin University will soon open its International Branch Campus (IBC) in India in the GIFT City of Gujarat. The university campus will take 50-60 students to begin with, and increase the number to 100 eventually.

The branch will focus solely on postgraduate education, launching two programmes initially- Master of Business Analytics and Master of Cybersecurity. The objective is to create future-ready professionals who can deliver value and contribute to the Indian economy. The courses include “cadetships”- research projects and internships through a partnership with industries.

The entry criteria to the programmes will be the same as in the Australian campuses. Students will need a good undergraduate degree from an approved institution, relevant work experience, and an English language assessment to get in. Additionally, programmes will run on the same timelines as their Australian counterparts. 

Besides being the first foreign university to announce the opening of an Indian branch, the university has more offerings for the students. Let us highlight them in detail.


While the tuition fee for the Indian campus of Deakin University is to be finalised, it is expected to be half of what the university charges its campuses in Australia. With this, students aspiring to study abroad will have an opportunity to pursue international education at a fraction of the cost. They can also save a fortune on the cost of living overseas, making international education accessible to more students.


Deakin University has a reputation for supporting Indian students through scholarships and bursaries. Over the years, it has helped thousands of students realise their international education dreams. It will continue with the initiative through the International Branch Campus with scholarships for the students on roll. While the initiative is a work in progress currently, students will get the details shortly.

Students completing their postgraduate degree from Deakin’s Indian campus will not get a post-study work visa like international students studying in Australia. But they can secure better job opportunities overseas and seek work visas as skilled migrants. Another plus of pursuing a programme at the International Branch Campus is that students can get placement opportunities with Deakin’s strategic partners like HSBC, HCL, Infosys, TCS, and Xebia.

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