Why Is New Zealand International Students Favourite Education Destination?


If you are aspiring to explore international education opportunities, there isn’t a dearth of options. You can live the American dream or travel further north to Canada. The EU is known for its affordable destinations, while many Asian countries are also emerging as study abroad hubs. If you wish to explore the other side of the world, you can look for premier institutions in Australia. Beyond that is the new leader in the international educational landscape- New Zealand.

The country is among the best places to live, study, and work, and the way it has handled the pandemic has made even the most powerful nations envious. The alluring landscape, great weather, friendly people, and excellent living conditions are only a few reasons to consider it as your destination. It also has a lot to offer from the international education perspective. Here are the reasons why it deserves to be on the top of your study abroad destinations checklist.


New Zealand is home to internationally recognised universities and institutions that impart world-class education. The qualifications on offer are held in high regard by global employers. These universities enrol fewer students, and you will get the advantage of a small student-teacher ratio. Further, they work on the lines of the British-based education system, which makes them a good option for international students. Here are the leading New Zealand universities you can explore.

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Canterbury
  • University of Waikato
  • Lincoln University
  • Massey University
  • University of Otago
  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Victoria University of Wellington

If you want to study abroad on a budget, New Zealand is the perfect destination. Both tuition fees and living expenses are considerably lower than the other popular destinations like the UK, the U.S, Canada, and Australia. It means that you can expect quality education and a comfortable lifestyle without burning a hole in your wallet.  The average university costs are:

  • Undergraduate – NZ $22000 –32000
  • Post Graduate – NZ $26,000 – $37000

Approximate cost of living: NZ $ 15,000 per annum


Another reason that makes New Zealand a great choice is that the universities have minimal entry requirements for several programs. You need not worry a lot about the competition to get admission to a university and course of choice. It is because the government has invested intensively in the higher education segment. So the universities have more capacity as compared to other countries. Further, the country does not impose an age bar on students, making it easier to access.


Picking New Zealand as your study abroad destination gives you assurance of the highest quality of education because each programme run by the state-funded universities has to pass stringent quality checks. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) also assesses all non-university education programmes. You will have to opt for an NZQA-approved course to get a student visa. Further, all universities here perform internal quality checks. Additionally, they have to pass QA audits by the New Zealand Vice Chancellors’ Committee (NZVCC) as well. These audits are conducted at both institution and program level, so you can rest assured that you get what you pay for.


You are entitled to work while studying in New Zealand, so it is easy to make a living and sustain during your stay here. Further, you also get foreign work experience, which adds value to your resume. With a student visa, you are permitted to work 20 hours weekly during college and even full-time during scheduled holidays. You can explore myriad opportunities in various sectors such as banking, finance, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more. It is also easy to find on-campus part-time jobs.


International graduates from New Zealand can also apply for a post-study work visa (PSW) after getting a valid qualification. You can work for any employer in the country with a three-year open work visa, according to the latest law. It means that you have the option to stay in the country even after completing your education here. You may apply for a Permanent Residence Visa if you wish to live and work here for the long haul.

New Zealand is the land of opportunity for international students who want quality education without spending a fortune. You can get international exposure as students from various parts of the world come here to fulfil their study abroad dreams. The liberal culture and welcoming people make it an ideal place to spend the best years of your life.

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