Over the years, the number of Indian students aspiring for international education has been increasing consistently. Studying abroad is no longer for the affluent as education loans are easily accessible, and international universities have scholarship opportunities for deserving candidates. Moreover, most countries let students work while studying, making it easy to bear the cost of living abroad. The recent years have witnessed an uptick in study abroad aspirant numbers for various reasons. Let us explain them in detail.


The most evident reason for Indians to pursue international education is the growing access to work opportunities overseas. Students have access to quality education in top universities to start with. More importantly, they can work with global employers and get real-world industry experience with them. With this experience, Indian students get immense exposure and stand apart in the competitive job landscape. The availability of work permit programmes for international students is a key driver contributing to the growth of the number of Indian students studying abroad. Canada is among the most popular destinations, with its student-friendly Post-Graduate Work Permit Programme (PWGPP). Other popular post-study work visa destinations include the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.


The global pandemic has made health the top priority for people around the world. Not surprisingly, students want to move to countries that ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens. Developed countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have shown exceptional resilience against the pandemic. The successful vaccine programmes and quality medical assistance during the health crisis also make them worth living. Students enrolling in international education programmes choose their destinations while bearing long-term health prospects in mind. Many young Indians have a vision of pursuing permanent residency after completing education at their study abroad destinations. It is a significant reason for the uptick in the number of students applying for study programmes in international universities.


India is a population-dense country with the largest population of young adults worldwide. However, the country lags when it comes to the number of higher education institutions providing quality education to young students. The competition runs high, and it is hard to secure admissions in programmes and universities of choice. Many students want to study abroad because of the lure of a better lifestyle overseas they can experience during their education and thereafter. They want to secure work permit opportunities to explore excellent career prospects in lesser-populated countries. Likewise, they want to settle overseas due to better income and growth prospects.

Studying abroad is a dream for countless Indians, and the number of students fulfilling them is rising. The reasons are evident- they want quality education, better employment opportunities, and a good lifestyle eventually. International education from acclaimed universities opens them to a dream life in a country of their choice.

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