The worst of the pandemic seems to be over as vaccine rollouts are in full swing across the globe, including in Australia. The vaccine figures in the country have crossed the 70% mark for at least one dose in people over the age of 16. Apart from the Australian citizens, international students in the country are also getting vaccinated.

It is crucial to get the vaccine as it reduces the likelihood of contracting the virus in the first place. Even if someone does get infected, the symptoms are less likely to be severe or fatal. Additionally, studies indicate that unvaccinated individuals who have been infected once are twice as likely as fully vaccinated individuals to get the virus again.


If you are an international student currently in Australia, getting vaccinated need not be a challenge. You can get it for free as these vaccines are free of cost for everyone in Australia. You can access the facility even without being an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The facility covers international students, migrant workers, overseas visitors, asylum seekers, and people without a Medicare card.

Students can look for a clinic where vaccines are available by using the eligibility checker. You only need to answer a few questions about your health on the platform, following which you can book a slot for getting the vaccine. You can even get it even without having a Medicare card or being eligible for Medicare. Here are the places to access them in this case.

  • State or territory vaccination clinics
  • Commonwealth vaccination clinics
  • Community pharmacies administering COVID-19 vaccines

If you do not have a Medicare card, the best way to move forwards is by applying for an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI). The IHI serves immense benefits as it enables you to get complete and accurate records of the COVID-19 vaccine and all future vaccinations in Australia. You can also use it to access an Immunisation History Statement. It becomes valid evidence of your vaccination. International students must retain the evidence of their COVID-19 vaccinations for future reference. The documentation must include details such as the students’ name, vaccine brand, and vaccination date.


Scheduling your first dose and completing the period for the second dose takes time. You need to prioritize safety during this period. Fortunately, regular precautions and guidelines can take you a long way in protecting yourself from the infection. Practising good hygiene should be your top priority. The government advises following physical distancing and avoiding public gatherings. It is crucial to isolate when you notice symptoms or come in contact with an infected person. International students must make sure that their Medicare details are always up to date.

While adhering to the precautionary rules and guidelines is important, the vaccine is the best defence against the virus. Even if you are in Australia as an international student, you must get it on time. It can get you and the country a step closer to resuming normalcy.

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