Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has unveiled the UK’s new plans to cement the UK as the world’s leading research and science superpower.

The Research and Development Roadmap, published on the 1st of July 2020, highlights the importance of research, innovation and attracting global talent to the UK.

Our commitment to increasing UK investment in R&D to 2.4% of GDP by 2027 and to increase public funding for R&D to £22 billion per year by 2024 to 2025 will allow us to make major strides towards this goal. We will use this investment to raise domestic and international business investment into UK R&D, increasing economic productivity and prosperity through new products, services and jobs and helping to transform our public services.

Through this Roadmap, the government has committed to:

  1. Increase investment in research, unlock new discoveries and apply research to solving most pressing problems in government, industry and across society
  2. Become world-class at securing the economic and social benefits from research
  3. Support entrepreneurs and start-ups and increase the flow of capital into firms carrying out R&D enabling them to scale up
  4. Attract, retain and develop the talented, diverse people and teams that are essential to delivering our vision
  5. Take greater account of place-based outcomes in how we make decisions on R&D in the UK, ensuring that our R&D systems make their fullest contribution to our levelling up agenda
  6. Provide long-term flexible investment into infrastructure and institutions
  7. Be a partner of choice for other world-leading research and innovation nations, as well as strengthening R&D partnerships with emerging and developing countries
  8. Engage in new and imaginative ways to ensure that our science, research and innovation system is responsive to the needs and aspirations of our society 

To read more about the Research & Development Roadmap please click here.

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