Aspiring to study at Oxbridge Universities? If so, this is for you.  We bring here a series of articles, with detailed information on various Entrance exams that are required for entry into Oxbridge Universities.


NSAA – Natural Sciences Admission Assessment

This is the exam for those aspiring to study Natural sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University.

It is the milestone in your application process, following your UCAS personal statement and is followed by an in-person Interview.

It is organised by the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) and is administered at your school or college. However, if your school or college is not registered with CAAT, you can take up the exam at any of the nearest approved test centres.


It is conducted once a year during October /November


NSAA is a two-hour written examination, divided into two sections of 1 hour each. Each section is further divided into parts, with 20 multiple-choice questions in each subject.

Section 1 is divided into four parts A, B, C, and D with 20 Multiple choice questions in each part, totalling 80 questions. However, you are required to answer only two parts, totalling 40 questions.

Part A – Mathematics – It is mandatory to attempt this part.

Part B – Physics / Part C – Chemistry / Part D – Biology – You can choose any one of the parts

Section 2 is made up of three parts – X (Advanced Physics), Y (Advanced Chemistry) and Z (Advanced Biology). You will need to choose only one part and answer the 20 multiple-choice questions in that part.


There is no fee involved for attending the NSAA Entrance exam in normal circumstances. However, you may need to pay an administrative fee to the authorised test centre, if you are taking it outside of your school or college.


Please follow the following steps to register for NSAA.

  1. If you are attending a school or college, please check with your exam officer to confirm that your school is an NSAA centre
  2. If yes, you may register with your exam officer, providing them with your details such as Name, Date of birth, UCAS Number and the names of the course that you intend to apply for.
  3. The exam officer will then register and provide you with the Candidate number, which is proof of your registration for the exam.
  4. If your school/college is not NSAA Centre, then, you may directly apply to one of the authorised centres through the Cambridge Admission assessment testing website.


Registration Opens on1st September
Registration Closes30th September
Submission of your UCAS Form15th October
NSAA Testing date19th October
NSAA Results declaration11th January

Disclaimer: The above dates mentioned are the indicative dates. Dates may vary in the coming years. For updates, please visit our website.

** The NSAA testing date has been moved forward to October, as against the usual practice of November.

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