Are you aspiring to pursue a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science or Economics at the world’s leading University, the University of Cambridge? Then, this article may be for you. 


TMUA is the Test of Mathematics for University Admissions. This exam has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your Mathematical thinking and reasoning skills needed for a demanding undergraduate mathematics course or a mathematical-related course such as Computer Science or Economics. 

TMUA is mandatory to apply for the undergraduate course in Mathematics, Computer-science and Economics at the University of Cambridge. The results of TMUA would be automatically shared with the University of Cambridge. 


The following universities accept the TMUA score for their admissions in certain courses (The course code provided in the below table is indicatory. You may visit the respective university website to know more details about the same). 

University UCAS course code for which TMUA is accepted 
Cardiff University G100, G101, G103, G104, G105, G112, 15R4, 15R5, 15R6, GW13, G990, G991, 252D, G901, GG23, 252F, GW31 
Durham University G100, G103, G111, G 114 
Lancaster University G100, G101, G 102, G103, GV15, G1G3, G1GJ, GCG3, G1GH, GLN0, GLN1, GN13, GN1H, GN1J, GG14, GG1K, GG1L 
London School of Economics and Political Science G1L1, GL11, GN13, G140 
University of Bath G140, G141, G142, GG31, GG32, GG13, G305, G306, G307, G100, G101,  G103, G104, G105, 3FG4,  
University of Cambridge G400, L100 
University of Nottingham School of Mathematical Sciences G100, G103, G104, G105, G106, G300, G120, GL11 
University of Sheffield G100, G102, G103, G106, G110, G112, LG11, VG51, CG11, CG12, CG13, CG14, G1R1, G1R2, G1R4, GN13 
University of Southampton FF34, G100, G103, G120, G1G3, G1G4, G1N3, G1NH, G1R1, G1R2, G1R4, GL11, GL12 
University of Warwick G100, GG13, GLN0, 7G73, G103, GGC3, G0L0, G304 


TMUA is a pen-paper test with a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes long. It has two papers. The format of the test is 

Paper Test for No of questions Duration 
Paper 1 Assesses your ability to apply knowledge in mathematics in new situations 20 MCQs 75 minutes 
Paper 2 Assesses your ability in dealing with mathematical reasoning and simple ideas from elementary logic 20 MCQs 75 minutes 

Please note, in TMUA, 

  • No Calculators are allowed 
  • There is no negative marking 
  • No Pass or fail 
  • Your overall performance is based on both papers and will be given on a scale of 1 to 9, where 1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest.  


Date Event 
1st September Registration Opens 
30th September Deadline for Registration 
18th October  Test date 
29th November Result declaration 
5th December Deadline to apply for result enquiry 

Disclaimer: Please note the above dates are indicative based on the dates applicable in 2022. For updated dates for 2023, Please visit our website. 


Description  Costs 
Registration Fee within UK and EU £ 75/ £ 88 
Registration Fee outside EU £ 100/ £ 137 
Application for result enquiries £ 38 / £45 / £ 52 
Application for Appeals £ 38 / £ 45 / £ 52 


Access arrangements for applicants with a disability or special requirements are available. Examples of Access arrangements include, but are not limited to 

  • Use of laptop / Computer 
  • Extra Time 
  • Enlarged Papers 
  • Separate Invigilation 


Please follow the following steps to register for TMUA. 

  1. If you are attending a school or college, please check with your exam officer to confirm that your school is a TMUA centre 
  1. If yes, you may register with your exam officer, providing them with your details such as Name, Date of birth, UCAS Number and the names of the course that you intend to apply for. 
  1. The exam officer will then register and provide you with the Candidate number, which is proof of your registration for the exam. 
  1. If your school/college is not TMUA Centre, then, you may directly apply to one of the authorised centres through the Cambridge Admission assessment testing website. 


The TMUA exam mainly focuses on your Mathematical Thinking. It uses the mathematical concepts that you studied at school. Hence, instead of taking any preparatory course, it is important to get familiarized with the test format and style of questions.  

Please check on the link https://www.admissionstesting.org/for-test-takers/test-of-mathematics-for-university-admission/preparation/ for test specifications, previous year question papers and additional worked-out papers. 


The results for the exam can be viewed by logging in to our Metritests system. In addition, you can click on the “Share Results” option and select the universities with whom you would like to share your results. 

If you do need more guidance or help with the TMUA test, please contact us. 

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