Sustainable Architects reduce harmful effects on the environment and climate by planning and delivering sustainable, efficient construction designs. Sustainably conscious architectural designs may include the use of renewable and eco-friendly construction materials, reduced use of waste and water, utilisation of sustainable waste management technologies, and use of efficient / green energies. 


  • Logistical: 

To be a Green Architect, you must have a knack for Mathematics. You will also need the logistical skills to plan functional designs using the right construction methods and tools.    

  • Creative:   

You will need good drawing, design and visualisation skills to visually outline your clients needs. You will also need a creatively innovative flair to resolve sustainable and architectural issues.   

  • Leadership:   

To lead your team on your construction plans, you will need to be an exceptional communicator, who can collaborate well in a team. You will also need to market your ideas to clientele and cater to their vision.   

  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving:   

You will need to be analytical and attentive to detail to prevent any potential mishaps which could delay projects. You also must be able to use initiative and logically plan to resolve problems.   

  • Computer Literacy:   

You will need to understand how to use CAD software’s for your architectural designs.  

  • Legal Knowledge:   

You must understand Architectural Legislation to follow safety regulations.   


  1. Get Qualified.   

To become a Sustainable Architect, you will need a Bachelor’s degree or higher diploma in either Architecture or Civil Engineering. You do not need to take Master’s or Doctoral (PhD) qualifications to be an Architect in Dubai. However, you can take them to increase your knowledge and boost your status in this job market.   

2. Get Experience.  

Experience is a must if you want be a Sustainable Architect in Dubai. For the role, you will need at least 3-5 years of industry experience. To become an Architect in Dubai, you will need experience in:   

  • Architecture or Interior Design in the UAE  
  • Project Delivery   
  • BIM and CAD Software   

The best way to get this experience is by taking Architectural Junior roles, Apprenticeships and Work Placements in the UAE.   

3. Get Licensed.   

You do not need a license to become an Architect in Dubai. However, if you want to broaden your international employability as a Sustainable Architect, it is a smart idea to get licensed with RIBA Gulf. RIBA licenses are widely recognised by Architectural firms in Dubai. For more information on how to get a license, follow the RIBA website Pathways to qualify as an architect (   

Here are our Top 5 Organisations for Sustainable Architecture Careers in Dubai:  


Position in Career    Associated Salary (Dubai)    
Trainee    A junior Sustainable Architect will begin their role with a Bachelor’s degree in either Civil Engineering or Architecture. Most Junior Green Architects will also have some experience within the Architecture industry in the UAE.   AED 72,000   
Qualified    A qualified Sustainable Architect will have a Bachelor’s degree and at least 3-5 years of experience in the role.  AED 108,000  
Experienced    Senior Sustainable Architects generally earn high salaries in this field as they have at least 5-10 years of experience in the role. Some Senior sustainable Architects may also have licenses and a Master’s degree in Architecture.   AED 270,000  

The Top 5 Highest Salary Emirates for Sustainable Architects in the UAE are:  

  1. Sharjah   – Average Salary: AED 126,000  
  1. Abu Dhabi  – Average Salary: AED 120,000  
  1. Dubai   – Average Salary: AED 108,000  
  1. Ras Al Khaimah   – Average Salary: AED 95,400  
  1. Fujairah  – Average Salary: AED 91,920  


We hope that with our guidance, you can now find some brilliant Sustainable Architecture career opportunities abroad. If you want to know more about Sustainable Careers or other study abroad opportunities, browse our website for more helpful advice. Why do you want a career in Green Architecture? Where would your dream location be? Let us know in the comments section below!  

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