The global sports industry is booming right, and a career in this domain is an exciting proposition if you are passionate about games and fitness. However, you can think beyond becoming a sports coach or a personal trainer because the opportunities are much bigger and better. 

A degree in sports science sets you up for success, opening up a career that is exciting and lucrative at the same time. It is not surprising that these courses are emerging as a popular option for international students, and many reputed international universities offer them. Let us help you explore your options. 


If you aspire to become sports and exercise scientist, you will have to get a degree in sport and exercise science. Conversely, you may pick a specialty such as physiotherapy, nutrition, medicine, or clinical exercise physiology, depending on your interest and the options available. Typically, the degree will require you to have a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. Apart from English, you will have to study biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics. For a postgraduate course, you will need to have an appropriate bachelor’s degree. However, there are flexible entry qualifications for some universities, so you must research before applying.

Sports science entails the study of the human body and its relationship with physical activity, exercise, and sports to improve health and performance. Traditionally, it incorporates areas such as physiology (exercise physiology), anatomy, biomechanics, biokinetics, biochemistry, and psychology (sport psychology). Once you complete a relevant degree, you can expect a stable and high-earning career as the demand for sports scientists and performance consultants is growing in with the ever-rising focus on sports and fitness.


When it comes to choosing the best university abroad for studying sports science, there are several options in different parts of the world. You can research the courses, eligibility requirements, and tuition fees in detail to pick the one that works for you. Here is the list of the best ones.


Location- Loughborough, England

Loughborough University, located on a sprawling 440-acre single-site campus, stands apart for teaching and research and has an exceptional reputation for sport. The university has 17,000 students from over 100 different countries, making it an ideal study abroad destination for its diverse environment. Students have a unique opportunity to participate in sports, regardless of their ability levels. You can pursue a BSc (Hons) degree at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences in the university.

Course fees– USD 34,000 p.a. approx


Location- Brisbane, Australia

Next on the list is The University of Queensland (UQ), an establishing member of the Group of Eight (Go8) universities and one of the only three Australian universities of the global Universitas 21. It has 53,600 students on its rolls, with 18,000 of them being international students. The School of Health and Behavioural Sciences offers a 4–year Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Honours) degree here.

Course fees– USD 30,000 p.a. approx


Location- Vancouver and Okanagan, Canada

The University of British Columbia dates back to 1908. It is one of the leading open research universities in Canada. It is also acclaimed as the most international North American university. Apart from being recognized for fields like nursing, agriculture, and engineering, the university is also among the top destinations for studying sports science. You can choose specialised courses in human kinetics and kinesiology to build a career in sports and fitness.

Course fees– USD 18,000 p.a. approx


Location- Sydney, Australia

Established in 1850,theUniversity of Sydney Australia’s first university and among the world’s leading universities. The campus is one of the top 10 most beautiful universities in the world. It has nine faculties and university schools that offer a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programmes. You have more than 400 areas of study to pick from, and sports science is one of them. Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy/Exercise Physiology) is the ideal option for students looking to explore a career in sports.

Course fees– USD 41,000 p.a. approx


Location- Toronto, Canada

Next on the list is the University of Toronto, which was established as King’s College way back in 1827. Being a collegiate university, it has eleven colleges at diverse locations with a wide range of programmes to offer. There are also two satellite campuses in Scarborough and Mississauga. The university gets the maximum annual scientific research funding and is a member of the Association of American Universities outside the US. If you want to make a career in sports, you can pursue the Master of Science in Kinesiology degree here.

Course fees– USD 27,000 p.a. approx


Location- Birmingham, England

The University of Birmingham ranks at number 78 in the QS World University Rankings (2019), making it one of the global educational leaders. The most popular disciplines taught here include dentistry, development studies, education, English language and literature, and theology, divinity and religious studies. It is also ranked at number 6 by the QS World University Rankings for sports-related subjects. The sports programmes you can pursue here include Exercise and Health Sciences, P.E. and Coaching Science, Physiotherapy, and Applied Golf Management Studies.

Course fees– USD 14,000 p.a. approx


Location- Gainesville, Florida, USA

Featuring next on the list is the University of Florida, which is the state’s oldest and largest. It is also one of the most academically distinct public universities in the country. It has 50,000 students, making it one of the five largest American universities. It is also among the most popular study abroad destinations for international students for the top quality of education and an amazing ambiance. It offers both Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Sport Management.

Course fees– USD 21,000 p.a. approx


Location- Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Ohio State University is a public research founded in 1870 as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. Although its initial focus was on agricultural and mechanical disciplines, the university later picked more academic fields and programmes. Apart from the main campus in Columbus, it has regional campuses in Mansfield, Marion, Lima, Newark, and Wooster. The college offers sports degrees and has club and recreational sports programmes for students. The athletic teams of the university compete in Division I of the NCAA. Athletes from Ohio State have bagged 104 Olympic medals. You can study sports management here while being a part of the glorious sporting tradition.

Course fees– USD 33,000 p.a. approx

Now that you have this comprehensive list of the global top-ranking sports universities, you can choose the one that matches your expectations and budget. Go ahead and take your pick!

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