If a global career in business, finance, or marketing beckons you, a business degree can give you the right start. A typical program offers expertise in general business skills, while you can pick an area of specialisation to work in the field of choice as a professional. After completing the degree, you can explore myriad opportunities in your home country or abroad, working as an economist, investment banker, import/export specialist, financial expert, and even an independent business consultant.

You can pursue a bachelor’s in business on-campus in a top-ranked institution or even complete it online. The best thing about online degrees is that they are accessible and affordable, so international students aspiring to study abroad can join a university of choice without spending a fortune. They are also relevant in the pandemic era when travelling abroad to an expensive country and college may sound like a challenge.

If you want to explore the most affordable business bachelor’s degree online, we have a list for you. Let us check the best options.


Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

A highly-acclaimed institution, Fayetteville State University offers distance education programmes for students across North Carolina and beyond. You can pursue a fully online bachelor’s degree in General Business Administration in the School of Business and Economics at FSU. The online programs available are flexible and affordable, making them ideal for part-time students and working professionals.

Tuition fee- Under $100 per credit hour


Location: Laramie, Wyoming

Next on this list is the University of Wyoming, which runs an online programme for students looking for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The programme lays emphasis on subjects like ethics, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. If you want to make money yet create an impact, this degree from the prestigious College of Business at the University of Wyoming makes an ideal choice.

Tuition fee- $119 per credit hour


Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

UNC Greensboro is a part of the renowned University of North Carolina, which aims to make quality education accessible at low prices. UNCG offers two online bachelor’s programmes in business, BS in Supply Chain Management and BS in Business Administration. These courses are conducted by the Bryan School of Business and Economics, which has the same highly-credentialed faculty for online teaching as for on-campus degrees.

Tuition fee- $147 per credit hour


Location: Columbus, GA

The D. Abbott Turner College of Business in the Columbus State University is among the domain leaders in the south. CSU’s online business programs are revered for reasonable tuition despite being one of the best in terms of academic ranking. The online course options include a Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business, while you can pick a specialisation in the International Business track.

Tuition fee- $174 per credit hour


Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

NMSU aspires to provide quality education on a budget to non-traditional students who cannot spend a lot in high-end business schools. You can explore two options in online business bachelor’s here, namely Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business and Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

Tuition fee- $253 per credit hour


Location: Fullerton, California

One of the most renowned in the country, the California State University system has numerous affiliated institutions. CSU Fullerton is among these institutions and has an internationally recognized faculty and a highly diverse student body. It brings an exceptionally affordable Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree for students looking for distance learning opportunities.

Tuition fee- $264 per credit hour


Location: Houston, Texas

Featuring next on the list is the University of Houston, a leading public research university that brings quality education through its numerous campuses and a robust online program covering many majors. The online BBA programmes available here include Management, Supply Chain Management, and Healthcare Administration. The unique courses prepare you for breakthrough careers in the healthcare and supply chain domains.

Tuition fee- $355 per credit hour


Location: Commerce, Texas

Texas features on the list again with Texas A&M Commerce, a part of the Texas A&M University system. The College of Business at TAMUC has two fully online bachelor’s programs, the Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business and the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Both are flexible, so working professionals can enrol without stress, and money isn’t concern too.

Tuition fee- $374 per credit hour


Location: Monroe, Louisiana

The ULM campus is well-known for its top-rated degrees, more than 30 in number, with some of them, ranked among the best in the country. The online business programmes fit into the budget. You can opt for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, available in a general business stream or with a marketing specialization. Classes are small, which means you can expect individual attention, and you get the benefit of flexible scheduling in addition to low cost.

Tuition fee- $375 per credit hour

A bachelor’s degree in business from a prestigious US university is no longer out of reach as you can explore one of these options. Explore them and pick a programme and university of your choice without worrying about cost because they will surely fit into your wallet.

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