Around The Education World This Week – Issue #4

New rules for EU students in UK starting Jan. 1, 2021

As the Brexit transition period inches closer to its end on Dec. 31, 2020, EU students planning to study in Britain during the next academic year will have a new set of rules applying to them. To start with, EU students who will start courses after Aug. 1, 2021, will have to pay higher international tuition fees.

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Even as the world inches closer to a breakthrough in COVID treatment, it wouldn’t be easy to resume things as usual, particularly when it comes to international education. Travel restrictions, accommodation issues, and financial setbacks are imminent concerns for students planning to pursue study abroad aspirations in the new normal. Thankfully, colleges and universities have been supporting them with academic continuity initiatives such as hybrid learning. Still, the road ahead appears long and treacherous, and HEIs need to go the extra mile with the support they offer to international students. Here are some ways they can do their bit today and beyond.

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The Ink Sweat & Tears Scholarship will support a talented writer on UEA’s prestigious MA Creative Writing: Poetry course. It is open to both Home, EU and International students. Scholarship recipients are required as part of the scholarship to read at the Norwich Café Writers event in November of their first year.

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Higher Education Will Not Be The Same. It May Just Get Better!

Higher education institutions across the globe are facing several short-term issues right now. There are massive budget cuts to deal with, while students are showing a growing reluctance to reimburse full tuition fees for online teaching. The large-scale deferral of admissions by international students is another major challenge amid the travel restrictions and economic downturn.

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The COVID Aftermath: Should Students Defer Study Abroad Plans?

As the world moves through the second phase of the pandemic, there is clarity that the situation is here to stay, for at least a foreseeable future. For students with study abroad dreams, this is the period of retrospection. The question that looms large is whether they should take their plans ahead or consider deferring them for now. There is no right answer because no one knows how the situation is going to pan out, and decisions are boiling down to individual guesswork.

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Studying Abroad: Is This The Right Time?

After the initial shock of the pandemic outbreak, things are gradually coming to pace as the world learns to live in the new normal. But some questions are still looming large, and one of these is whether this is the right time to send your child to study abroad. A year ago, it could have been a dream, but the situation is entirely different today as studying abroad in-person does not seem like an immediate possibility.

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