After the most daunting two years during the pandemic, international students planning to study in Australia finally have something to cheer about. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recently announced a visa rebate at 630 Australian dollars for international students. The rebate initiative,  organised via the Department of Home Affairs, will continue for the next eight weeks. So students entering the country have something to look forward to.

According to the local reports, the rebate on visa application fees for international students and backpackers will be in place for at least the next three months. The initiative will help returning students in more than one way. Apart from supporting the finances of international students, the decision will help the country to address the acute workplace shortages created by the pandemic.  

The good news for students extends beyond visa rebates. Earlier, the Prime Minister announced the impending removal of the work cap of 40-hour-a-fortnight on workers holding student visas. The move will go a long way to help international students stay afloat financially as there do not have to limit the number of working hours due to restrictions. Students trained in health care, senior care, and similar sectors, will be particularly in demand because of critical shortages.

Morrison expressed hopes over the visa application rebate inspiring international students to return to Australia. Right now, 150,000 students currently overseas have an approved visa for coming to Australia for study abroad programmes. However, they will have to ensure the fully-vaccinated status before returning to the country. Also, they will have to follow the quarantine arrangements required and enforced by the respective states.

As a part of its comeback initiative after low 2020 and 2021, the Australian government will provide Tourism Australia with A$3 million to run a marketing campaign targeting international students and backpackers. The cost of the visa rebate scheme is expected to reach A$55 million. But the country is more than willing to bear the expense to get itself back on the road to recovery.

International students have valid reasons to consider Australia as one of the top international education options once again after these moves. Hopefully, the sector will be back on track with these initiatives sooner rather than later.

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