The World Weekly Newsletter of Lurnable aspires to empower the reader regarding the latest happenings and updates in the education field from across the world. In the current world is important to have comprehensive knowledge of the given field and its current affairs, especially if you are a student aspiring to study abroad. This article will take you through various countries across the world and give the latest educational updates.



  • The school education department of Tamil Nadu initiates a collaboration with IIT Madras in order to redesign the education and learning system using  AI and technology as a medium. This might improve the quality of education for over 9 million students.
  • UGC Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar welcomed the University Connect programme as a part of the G20 Summit 2023 on December 1 2022. Students from about 75 universities across the nation also participated virtually.
  • India reported having rejected more than 2,000 e-visas of Afghan students enrolled in Indian Universities. 


  • More than 80 university campuses in China participated in demonstrations against Zero Covid Policy. This might have an impact on the U.S.-China higher education partnership programs as well.
  • 16 universities in China plan to introduce anticorruption undergraduate courses based on “Inspection and Supervision” in order to train students with desired skills for being public sector employees.


  • The Northwestern University student William Gitta Lugoloobi has been named a 2023 Rhodes Scholar. He is the first Rhodes Scholar from Northwestern Qatar and the second Northwestern student to be awarded the scholarship this year.


  • A slight dip was observed in the number of Indian International students studying in New Zealand compared to 2019. This might be caused due to the country’s Covid policies.
  • The student mental health well-being in Australia is reported to have taken a significant toll in the post covid education sector. According to recent research, 77% of 11,000 respondents agreed to have suffered from depression and anxiety.
  • An Australia-India Centre for Energy is under development as a partnership between IIT Madras and Australian universities. This is expected to be launched in December at IIT Madras.
  • Western Sydney University has collaborated with ICAR for research regarding climate-smart farming systems in India and Australia. This has led the University to sign agreements with 7 state agricultural universities as well



  • According to a recent report, one in 10 teachers resorts to working multiple jobs in order to support their livelihood and expenses.
  • Many international students are observed dropping out of universities in order to work in the care sector and switching to skilled worker visas.
  • Many university leaders and politicians defend the benefits of having International students in the UK for research and economic reasons against the prime minister’s recent statement regarding visa restriction.


  • About 15,000 Indian MBBS students formerly studying in Ukraine are reported to be continuing their education online. 640 students still remain in the conflict zone in order to complete their education.
  • The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska addressed the British students regarding Ukraine’s struggle against Russian invaders and the challenges in the London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • The warm welcome exhibited by Poland toward Ukrainian students, helped them establish a more peaceful environment in the country and encouraged the students to push on with their academic pursuits.


  • Germany is expected to ease up the immigration rules in order to deal with the country’s lack of skilled workers. This would also include encouraging younger immigrants to take up professional training and courses. 
  • Several countries in Europe including Germany, face the challenge of a shortage of teaching staff. According to national estimates, there is a, expected shortage of 25,000 teachers in Germany by 2025.



  • A recent study found that 60% of international students in Canada tend to remain in the province even after their expiration of study permits for further education or work. 


  • More than 50 students in Havard gathered outside the Univesity Hall for a march in order to honour the Nepali migrant workers who died during this year’s preparations for FIFA World Cup.
  • Yale University was sued by some of its current and former students on the 30th of November, charging the university for discriminating against students with mental health disabilities and pressuring them to withdraw.
  • Over 199,000 international students in the USA making up 21% of all International Students are accounted to be Indian, breaking pre-pandemic records.

This concludes our Weekly World Newsletter updates. We hope to bring more updates and information next week.

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