The World Weekly Newsletter of Lurnable aspires to empower the reader regarding the latest happenings and updates in the education field from across the world. In the current world is important to have comprehensive knowledge of the given field and its current affairs, especially if you are a student aspiring to study abroad.



  • Recent records imply that about 82,000 student visas have been issued to Indian Students in the USA, comprising 20% of all International Students in the US.
  • Thousands of Indian medical students return to Ukraine in order to continue their educational pursuits due to the lack of availability and accommodation in Indian medical universities.
  • Three Indian students studying in Connecticut were reported dead due to a vehicle crash.
  • The recent QS World University Rankings featured about 15 Indian Universities including  IIT Bombay, JNU and the University of Delhi.


  • Chinese Universities have shown progress regarding their ranking in the recent  Times Higher Education University rankings. 
  • The number of student applications issued to Chinese students in the USA has significantly declined by over 50% since the pandemic.
  • Indian Embassy encouraged International Indian Students in China to re-register with their Universities after the upliftment of the former travel ban issued due to the outbreak of Covid-19.
  • The visa application process for Indian students has resumed, resulting in approximately 1500+ Chinese visas to been issued to the students


  • Some of the top Universities in Japan have reported surveilling high schools in UAE for the enrollment process. This initiative had been led by the Japan International Cooperation Center
  • Due to rising tuition fees, accommodation charges and the weakening of the yen, students in Japan face difficulty to pursue their education abroad.


  • 67.2 per cent of International students in Korea are reported to have discontinued their education and taken up residence in the country without a valid visa.


  • Russia to introduce mandatory Ideology classes for all University students from 2023.


  • 80% of Egyptian international students, studying in Ukraine reported having left the country to return home or to move to neighbouring countries.
  • Due to the ongoing war, Egyptian students in Ukraine face issues regarding obtaining their papers from the university in order to apply to universities elsewhere. This led to a video conference between Egypt’s Minister of Emigration and Expatriates and Egyptian students studying in Ukraine and Russia.  


  • Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar took up the issue of Visa issues for International Students in New Zealand.
  • International students from India are estimated to make up 17% of all International Students in Australia, making them one of the largest groups of foreign students.
  • Restrictions are to be imposed by the Government on work hours for International Students in Australia in order to maintain a steady work and study schedule. 
  • An increase in rent and accommodation prices has been observed after the return of International Students to Australia.
  • Over 7000 academicians, teachers, professors and non-academic staff participated in a nationwide strike in New Zealand on 6 October in order to demand a pay raise.



  • Some of the top universities in the UK such as Cambridge and Oxford observe a fall in demand for admission and the application process.
  • Universities in England and Wales considering doubling their hardship funds offered to students in order to cover the cost of living and accommodation expenses.
  • The surge in the number of dependants of sponsored International Students led the UK government to review the visa and immigration process.


  • Many international Indian students residing in Ukraine decided to stay put or temporarily relocate to neighbouring countries despite Government advice due to lack of any other option.


  • A surge in Indian Students was observed in France as the Government plans to accommodate approximately 20,000 Indian Students in French Universities by the year 2025


  • Germany expected to resume student visa allotment from the 1st of November for International Students along with a new list of criteria that is expected to be followed.
  • Germany observed a rise in the population of  International Students, especially from the Asia Pacific and North African regions.
  • A recent study shows that about 30% of International Students in Germany reside in the country for a longer term after their educational pursuit. About 50% of them have been observed to have been issued citizenship after 10 years.  
  • Due to fraudulent documents along with the rise of International Students, the Visa application process is to be made more rigid. 



  • The government of Ontario approved The University of Niagara Falls to start accepting students in 2023. The university is expected to frame its curriculum keeping 21st-century workforce requirements in mind.
  • Dr Christine Friedenreich received the Rosalind E. Franklin Award for Women in Cancer Research on the 11th of October in Intramural Scientific Retreat at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.
  • Due to the labour shortage in Canada, the government lifts the restricted work hours for International students. 


  • US Embassy in India expected to start allotment of student Visas in November.

This concludes our Weekly World Newsletter updates. We hope to bring more updates and information next week.

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