Around The Education World This Week – Issue #2

Overseas education trends geared up for a comeback after a year of uncertainty

Although the pandemic forced study abroad aspirants to rethink their decisions this year, overseas education is all set to make a comeback. However, the focus is shifting to new destinations such as New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, and the Scandinavian regions.

University leaders offer post-pandemic visions for Higher Education

Last week, IE University, Spain organized a virtual event, “Reinventing Higher Education: New realities, new visions for HE”, which brought together sixteen university presidents from 14 countries. These experts shared their opinions on post-pandemic and Brexit perspectives for higher education.

Anthony C Grayling, master of New College of the Humanities, United Kingdom stated, “We are going to find our economy is in a different space post-pandemic because people have become used to Zoom meetings and working from home; so universities are going to have to identify what new skills will be needed in this context”.

Frédéric Mion, president of Sciences Po, France, on the other hand emphasised what will not change as he said, “We have reinvented ourselves online but this is not our normal mode; universities are, much more than we suspected, physical spaces, and we cannot dispense with that aspect”.

Canadian visa processing for some countries quicker than government estimates

According to the statistics shared by agents and embassies, international students from some countries are getting one step closer to the Canadian dream, with their study permits being approved quicker than expected. These include Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, and Western European countries.

College groups expecting Biden to drop curbs on international students

With the change in administration in the U.S., college groups are looking up to the Biden government to reverse recent rules proposed by the Trump administration. According to them, these rules spell doom for the prospects of international enrolment at colleges in the country.

International students showing an inclination towards in-person learning

A recent research study by IDP Connect showed that international students have positive perceptions of destinations that have chosen to offer face-to-face learning. Even if they begin studies online, they would eventually consider switching destinations to move to the option of in-person learning.

How Indian students in the UK are coping with COVID-19 lockdowns

As the Indian students in the UK struggled to cope with the implications of lockdowns, the National Indian Students and Alumni Union, (NISAU), UK took several measures to help. These include organising sessions on mental health, setting up a virtual community, and reporting cases of concern to the Indian High Commission.

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