The US is known for its leading business schools, and obtaining a degree from one can set you up for a successful career. But getting in is a challenge, even more, if you are an international student. However, it hardly affects the lure of these institutions as thousands of study abroad aspirants try their luck with admissions to these premier HEIs.

As an international student, you must be ready to jump through additional hoops to secure your seat in a good MBA course in one of the top US business schools. Not to mention, there are complications of obtaining a student visa, making travel arrangements, and having your funds in place. You cannot expect any shortcuts, yet the process shouldn’t be as daunting as you imagine. Here is a guide that can help you with admission to an American business school.


International students have the advantage of the internet as they can explore universities and programmes online before moving ahead. Even as the pandemic hit study abroad dreams hard, virtual education emerged as a silver lining. You can check the virtual admissions opportunities at different business schools.

While travel restrictions are easier, virtual recruitment is here to stay. It can work in favour of international students. Right now, virtual admissions extend beyond offering information and forms on university websites. You can even take virtual tours of campus and connect face-to-face with counsellors by Skype or by Zoom.


Applying to an American business school requires you to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). The exam comprises four sections, integrated reasoning, analytical writing, quantitative, and verbal. You have to follow the score cut-offs of the university you want to get into and make sure you get the minimum. The score is valid for five years, so you have ample time to apply.

You may also need to clear a language proficiency test like IELTS as a part of the admission requirements. Again, you need to cross the minimum to be eligible for applying to the school of your choice. Getting the required scores can be a challenge, so prepare, appear, and clear on time.  


Most American business schools have stringent rules regarding admission paperwork. Your documents, including transcripts and letters of recommendation, must be in English to be valid for the process. You will need to get them translated if you come from a country with a different official language.

Only then will your supporting documents be processed by the chosen universities. Some schools are flexible, and you can go ahead without the translations. Make sure you check the translation guidelines of the programme and school you are applying to.


Your academic record and admission test scores are not the only criteria to secure admission to a top American business school. As an international student, you need to put your best foot forward to impress the admission authorities. Ensure that your application includes where you want to go in addition to where you have been.

An impressive personal essay can be a game-changer as it can set you apart in the crowd. Start with a draft early and take your time to polish it before the submission date. Demonstrate your past achievements and experiences by example and articulate your interests and goals in the essay. But remember that keeping it short and sweet is the key.


Studying abroad can be expensive, and the American dream can cost a fortune. It is vital to have a fee estimate and viable financial plan before applying. Being an international student, you will have to validate that you have enough funds to live and study in the country throughout the duration of the study.

It requires you to submit your bank statements, student loan, and scholarship documents to the admissions department of your university. As a part of the process, they will assess your financial standing against the immigration requirements of the country. The good thing is that most schools have bursaries and scholarships for outstanding international students.

Getting into an American business school requires good planning and preparation. You also need to stay ahead with financial arrangements. But timely handling can help you fulfil your American dream!

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