If you have study abroad aspirations for your child, why not start early?

An international boarding school can give them a head start with their preparation for international university education. But gearing up is as much a challenge for a parent as it is for the child. Before you prepare yourself emotionally and financially, you would want some valid reasons for sending your kid overseas at a young age. Here are some benefits and opportunities you can unlock by opting for the experience for your child.

International exposure

Students who attend an international boarding school get global exposure right from a young age, making them capable of overcoming the challenges of studying abroad for higher education. They are a step ahead of their peers in the college or university because the exposure makes it easy for them to adapt to a new country and mingle with students from other countries and cultures.

Academic excellence

Boarding schools in the UK and across other international education destinations offer excellence on the academic front. Your child gets access to well-rounded global curriculums along with highly-qualified and passionate teachers because these schools go the extra mile with both. For a parent, the education that your child gets in these institutes is worth the investment, even if you need to spend more than in a local school.

Extracurricular activities

The benefits of sending your child to an international boarding school extend beyond academics as your child gets the opportunity to participate in a range of extracurricular activities. These include traditional sports, music, art, theatre, and literature. Students have a lot more to explore on-campus, from well-stocked libraries to social clubs and field trips and expeditions, and they can opt for activities according to their interests.

Individual attention

While the average class sizes in public schools are large, with as many as 30 and 40 students in a class, it is much smaller in international boarding schools. When your child studies with 10-15 fellow students in their class, they get better attention and support from the teachers. Moreover, teachers are able to understand the aptitude and interests of individual students and tailor their lessons accordingly.

Confidence and independence

If you want your child to be confident and independent right from a young age, there isn’t a better way to inculcate these qualities than sending them to an international boarding school. Even as these schools offer a secure environment, they focus on nurturing confidence and independence in their students so that they can grow up into smarter adults. The child learns to travel alone and live independently, and it prepares them to face the challenges of adulthood. 

Strong social skills

Apart from cultivating life skills such as confidence and independence in young children, boarding school education also goes a long way in harnessing strong social skills in the students. Living with strangers, befriending them, and consolidating relationships over time are things they learn as an intrinsic part of the experience. These skills can become the foundation of a successful personal and professional life ahead.

Considering these benefits, international boarding school education is definitely the best decision you can take for your child. It makes sense to start looking for a school that would be just right in terms of location, features, and budget and send your child just when he or she is ready.

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