The pandemic has hit everyone hard, and fresh graduates are not an exception. You can expect academic and career plans to go haywire amid the repeated resurgences, localised curfews, and business shutdowns. Not surprisingly, a large segment of the young population is struggling personally, professionally, and financially. While the global vaccine rollouts are a sign of hope, you cannot expect things to get back on track right away.

Even as the world moves towards the new normal, opportunities may not come the way they should. It makes sense to do your bit to develop your skills and become more employable to have better chances with your upcoming career. The jobs marketplace is volatile right now, and building exceptional skills is the only way you can proliferate it. Here are some simple career hacks that the Gen-Z people can rely on to develop the right skills for enhanced employability.


Every professional is suited for certain skills and job profiles. Your instinct drives you towards these relevant fields. Following your instinct gets you a step closer to your dream job, where success and happiness are within reach. Research your options and find the most relevant one for you. Think beyond financial prospects and focus on finding ones that spark joy and make you comfortable in your skin.


Typically, hard skills are thought of as tech skills such as coding. But things have changed, and new hard skills are trending. These include functional expertise, domain expertise, and even strong writing skills. In fact, they are crucial to career growth because they can help you build a robust foundation to stand on. The best thing to do is hone and nurture skills belonging to a similar skills cluster. It enables you to make the most of your capabilities even as you switch industries or profiles. Upskilling not only fast-tracks growth but improves self-confidence as well.


For millennial professionals just starting their careers, curiosity can be a winning point. Ask more questions and seek more information to boost professional growth. A proactive approach makes a good impression on potential employers because it shows your intention to listen actively and deliver to expectations. Large companies seldom have information in a ready-made format. You have to invest a personal effort to collaborate and gather facts. A curious mind enables you to dig out the details that can take you a step closer to career success.


Apart from asking questions, you must actively seek support when you need it. Remote work has increased organizational complexities, specifically for larger companies with multiple complicated processes. It is easy to feel overwhelmed if you are at the start of your career, so go ahead and ask for help. Look for a mentor within your organization or industry. They can guide you through different challenges and boost your confluence. Having support also reduces stress and takes you a step above the growth ladder.


Communication is the cornerstone of success in the corporate world. But it isn’t the verbal communication you have to focus on. You need to go the extra mile by closing email loops. If you leave them unanswered or falling through the cracks, expect to get into trouble sooner rather than later. Embrace an email unclogging system to ensure you never miss out. It goes a long way in building your credibility and reputation as a young professional. Take time to reply to emails, messages, and open requests, no matter how cumbersome they sound.


Pandemic or no pandemic, succeeding as a professional requires building a healthy relationship with your manager or boss. Understand the expectations they have and find ways to match them. While it will impress the boss, you will be better aligned in your work and focus areas. Overall, you become more productive and efficient. Matching the expectations is a challenge, but you can pay attention to gauge them. Ask questions and build a rapport to read between lines.

Fresh graduates and young professionals need to take a strategic approach to career development in 2021. Unless you have a plan to ramp up your skills, achieving career success can be a challenge. Thankfully, these career hacks can take your growth trajectory in an upward direction.

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